College, university & vocational training schooling in Kenya are not free and are considerably more expensive than secondary, at $ 800 USD or more per year. Our University & Colleges sponsorship program exists because we recognize that as a country develops it needs people who have the skills to meet new challenges. Being a student at the university, college or vocational training is great experience for some. The memories of good times one had are worth of remembrance. However, there are ups and downs as well. The university, college or vocational training accommodates students from all walks of life. Therefore, each student’s personal situation is different from the rest. However, there are some challenges which at least every student encounters at one time or the other. Struggles in paying tuition fees can be a nightmare for most students. This affects mostly students raised up from poor backgrounds and especially those who are orphans and marginalized. The extreme case is experienced by those in self-sponsored program. As a result, most students end up taking academic leaves or dropping out of school. Another challenge experienced is meeting of basic wants. High cost of livelihood experienced in our country in recent years adds more to the burden. Therefore, we support our students in different universities and in different local colleges.