Research shows children across the world are engaging in sports. In school levels children find it more fun to engage in sports than be in class taking notes. Sports give the freedom to engage in fun games with their friends or peers. The main reason why children join and stay in sports is that they are fun and a form of active entertainment that is not offered in class. The second important element that helps keep children in sport is when they feel competent. Basically, children need to feel that they can do what’s required of them during sessions and that they can cope with whatever is thrown at them. The young generation in different public primary schools often only has limited access to qualitative & participative sport development opportunities. Sport is an effective means to promote education, peace, violence prevention, gender equality, and health. Young people engaging in sports acquire important life skills such as communication, collaboration and leadership skills that increase their confidence and better qualify them for the labour market. We incorporated this program in order to offers an opportunity for maximal development & growth of talent in children & youths through training and nurturing of their talents in different sporting activities (Football, basketball, volley ball, hand ball, & athletics) thus improve their health and well-being as well as to build the capacity of school teachers to enhance provision of sport and physical activity to children.