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Diseases pose a significant threat to many orphans and vulnerable children in different parts of Kenya. For example, HIV/AIDS is the underlying cause of much of the orphans across the country, malaria, malnutrition, water and sanitation and as well internal and external parasitic diseases due to poor hygiene contributes must to the suffering of needy children in these communities’ as well inadequate health services. Community Health Education programs are having a positive impact on the rate of HIV infection. This education reinforces the need for preventative health in response to the threat of vector borne diseases such as malaria, water and sanitation and transmittable diseases such as HIV / AIDS and other related diseases. The provision of education on the prevention of HIV/AIDS, physcho social support, to children who are orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/ADS, providing mosquito netting and education about reproductive health are key mitigation strategies in response to these problems. We conduct live saving preventative-health education programs to teach children the communities about environmental health, preventative measures different disease. We also try to mitigate and address stigma especially to the children who are born HIV positive so that they can feel wanted within the schooling environment they are in.