Education is known to develop intellectual capacity and social skills. Levels of education correlate with income levels and children who complete only four years of education are better equipped to move out of poverty. Studies have shown that providing education is one of the best strategies for breaking the strong hold of poverty in the communities. Children with education have greater confidence to make decisions for them, more likely to seek medical attention and are better informed on nutrition and far more likely to educate their own children. Through this program, we were able to continue supporting and equipping orphans through vulnerable student with secondary education needs. Through this spirit we were able to over psychosocial training to these children whereby we explained the need for them to put more efforts in their studies if they wanted to excel and overcome poverty. Though many challenges like increasing number of orphans and vulnerable children seeking support from us, limited fund to incorporate a bigger number of such children, we promised to try as much as we can to support as many needy children as possible. Under the SECONDARY SCHOOL EDUCATION PROGRAM, we do the following;

-Pay school fees to identified orphans and vulnerable students in different secondary schools in Ruiru district

 -Buy and distributed text books to the orphans and vulnerable children in secondary schools

-Organize capacity building workshop with the orphans and vulnerable children in secondary schools

-Distribute packets of sanitary towel to socially disadvantaged student