We discovered through our survey that school fees, books, uniforms and other additional educational cost make orphans and vulnerable children stay out of school. It is very hard for adolescent girls to attend schools with torn out uniforms for they are laughed at, mocked and disrespected by other students from well up families.  Due to that challenge, we came up with this program of supporting these needy children with school uniforms with an aim of making them feel that there was someone out there caring for them. Under the SCHOOL UNIFORM PROGRAM, we;

o   Distribute dresses to girls in primary schools

o   Distribute shorts and shirts to boys in primary schools

o   Distribute Skirts and blouses to our girls in Secondary schools

o   Distribute trousers and shirts to our boys in Secondary schools

o   Distribute pairs of shoes to our orphans & vulnerable students in secondary schools

o   Distribute sweaters to orphans in primary schools and in secondary schools.