Most of the schools are devoid of proper classrooms, school desks for the students, and other necessary facilities. The conditions in the schools where we work are really terrible. Often there are few desks or benches for the children. Providing desks and benches has increased the number of children attending schools and improved the learning environment and therefore improved the grades of the school going children. In order to address the desk shortage in  witnessed in many primary schools as well as help in protecting  our children from COVID-19 infections this program seeks to improve the classrooms learning environment through procurement of new school desks for the children in order to reduce the current shortage that has been witnessed where, a desk designed to be used by 2 children are currently being used by 4 children due to the shortage of desk and high enrolments of the children seeking free primary education. Too this problem has further been compounded by the impacts of the COVID-19 and where the aspect of the social distancing is being championed. We support schools within our working jurisdictions with school furniture that are aimed at enhancing good learning environments for the children from poor back grounds