Organization Governance

  • Extremely strong governance and structures in place to become a sustainable organization run by Kenyans for Kenyans.
  • Being rooted in the community, we are able to Listen and respond to need.
  • Registered Community Based Organization in
  • Ruiru district in Kenya and governed by our Constitution.
  • Elected board (currently 6 board members) has a
  • Strong skill base and balanced community representation; their contributions are wise, considered and practical.
  • The boards also acts as the Management Team and meet every four months
  • We have earned an excellent reputation among all stakeholders for being fair, transparent, inclusive and accountable.

Financial Management Policies

Below are some of our procedures in financial management:

  • Fair, transparent financial systems
  • Cautious and frugal approach to spending. Only spend according to the project budget and as per the direction of the donors
  • Clear reserves policy to secure against the main financial risks
  •  We use a strict financial management policy that ensures accountability and transparency in all our financial transactions. All our transactions must be sanctioned and approved by at least three signatories.
  • All our work plans and financial budgets are reviewed and approved in Board meetings.
  • All our financial and project reports are reviewed and approved during quaterly meetings.
  • We use separate books of accounts for each source of funding to facilitate proper accounting and financial management.