Organisation Objective

  • To make a real lasting difference to the lives of orphans, children with disability as well as socially disadvantaged children through provision of quality education, shelter and health needs in Ruiru district
  • To address,combact & mitigate infectious diseases amongst the orphans, children with disability as well as socially disadvantaged children and youths in Kenya Ruiru district
  • To efficiently respond to the urgent needs of orphans and vulnerable children through offering formal education to them by paying for them school fees, and provision of other scholastic materials like school uniforms and stationery
  • To equip out of school orphans,vulnerable youths and youths with special need with vocational training and entrepreneur skills in order to make them useful in the society
  • To support local public primary schools with nutrition and vegetable garden projects
  • To build the capacities of orphans,children with disability as well as socially disadvantaged children in Ruiru district through physco social support, morally and holistically.
  • To equip primary school with educational facilities that will create a good learning atmosphere for marginalized children
  • To support local public primary schools with safe drinking water as well as hygienic sanitation
  • To increase awareness on proper hygiene and sanitation practices among pupils
  • To increase the capacity of schools to effectively manage and sustain menstrual hygiene and sanitation practices;
  • To increase the knowledge and use of available options in adolescent reproductive health, HIV, STDs and STIs prevention
  • To support,promote and enhance early childhood development in Ruiru district
  • To support, empower and equip children with special need with education resources that will enhance their learning and development skills
  • To net work with other organization and development partners with whom we work with
  • To offers an opportunity for maximal development & growth of talent in children & youths through training and nurturing of their talents in different sporting activities (Football, basket ball, volley ball, hand ball, & athletics) thus improve their health and wellbeing
  • To build the capacity of school teachers to enhance provision of sport and physical activity to children.
  • To train and equip children and youths with skills on sustainable management of biodiversities hot spots and environmental protection & conservation

Our  guiding Principles

  • Empower orphans and  socially disadvantaged vulnerable children & youths.
  • Innovate Sustainable Solutions to mitigate iliteracy , poverty & unemployment.
  • Seek Local Knowledge.
  • Defend & protect  the rights  and Human dignity of theorphans , socially disadvantaged vulnerable children & youths.

Forge Partnerships locally and internationally.