Welcome to Murera Community Empowerment and Support Organization


Murera Community Empowerment and Support Organization (MCESO) is a community based non profit organization established in the year 2003 with a plight of supporting and empowering orphans and other children who are vulnerable to extreme poverty or exploitation in Ruiru district of Kenya through effective and sustainable programs, which will improve their well being and nurture them to become self-reliant adults.
This organization was established to improve the living standards of Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) through provision of care and support in terms of basic education, health and imparting vocational training skills.
Murera Community Empowerment and Support Organization is designed to reach, inform, assist and give hope to the hopeless children ensuring that they get appropriate help and get it as early as possible, thereby giving them a much greater chance of taking their rightful place and playing their part in the society.

The Organisation

Organization goal

Murera community empowerment and support organization seeks to empower marginalized orphans and socially disadvantaged children and youths at the local public learning institutions here in Ruiru district with an aim of developing confidence and self-sustainability as well as equipping them with modern life shaping skills, giving them opportunities to education, health and aid them to become useful citizen. We give hand –in but not hand out.

Organization Mission

The mission of this organization is to mobilize resources and address the survival line problems facing the poorest of the poor, orphans, disabled children and socially disadvantaged children and youths in order to improve their living conditions and creating an enabling environment whereby social and cultural integration of the said marginalized and vulnerable will occur, strengthening them through, educational, health, vocational, childcare and other holistic needs.

Organization Vision

To have a well-established society where orphans ,disabled children and socially disadvantaged children and youths in local public learning institutions are equipped and empowered to have a quality, education, adequate health as well as life shaping skills and help them to grow as socially responsible citizen.

Organization management

MCESO has a Board of Directors who numbers six in total, a director, a Program Officer answerable to the director and an Administrative & Finance officer reporting to the Program Officer. The B.O.D is responsible for all affairs regarding management, decision making policies and administration of the organization, and ensures strict accountability, transparency and impartial planning and policy implementation. On the other hand, we have four staff where by 3 are full time and 1 is a part time worker. The day to day operations of the organization is seen through by the director who delegates other staff what they are to do on daily basis.


To make a real lasting difference to the lives of orphans children through provision of quality education, shelter and health needs

To equip out of school orphans and vulnerable youths with employable vocational skills

To equip primary school children with educational facilities that will create a good learning atmosphere for marginalized children

To equip primary school children with safe drinking water as well as hygienic sanitations